Steve Cooper

For my 16th birthday

I had a Suzuki TS50X

but after three months >»jl of it repeatedly ^^

breaking down and :

bits dropping off it I

threw in the towel and bought a brand new DT50MX (J851MHA).

It was a total revelation after the very flaky Suzuki. The DT never broke down and if it wasn't quite as cool looking as the TS it was oh-so-much easier to de-restrict, so at least I was able to keep up with traffic at last. I guess I'm trying to recapture my youth by buying and restoring the one featured this month.

Panels are often missing lugs, crack or missing altogether. Mudguards replaced with aftermarket kit and lights may have been removed for off-road use. Finding replacements v/ill prove difficult and good ^placements extremely tricky.

It's a lightweight bike and will Inevitably Have seen a lot of stress. Forks may be pitted under gaiters (if still fitted), the rear shock will be shot, ditto swing arm bearings and suspension bushes. Check frames for signs of damage and severe rust issues which may render the bike unusable and/or unsafe. The bottom Monoshock mounts seize.

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