Stan Stephens

Huge reed block area is wider than the barrels themselves

The finished 611cc motor. Good for 130bhp...?

were far too big for the exhausts flanges, so I had to make new ones. But there was one more problem when I went to fit the reed blocks: the blocks were wider than the housings. So I had to use the reed blocks trom the 535 -I'll machine out the inlets later.

I am excited at having finished the engine at last but I have had enough of the American suppliers and will not be dealing with them again. I will still happily build the engines for customers but they'll have to import the parts to the UK themselves.

I will be doing a lot of dyno work before stripping the outfit down for D&D to modify, I use Slipstream Racing down the road in Sevenoaks run by Roy Bridges, one of my old engineers. I am looking forward to trying the outfit again in the 2011 British H llclimb Championships and hope to put on a better show this time... I will keep you all informed. G

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