Specialists In Parts For Honda


• We keep in slock most of the parts requxed tor both engene rebuilds and complete • Order OrvLlne:

(fc restoration projects Vast comprehensive and easy to use. secure online store - thousands of genume (t

<3 . original Exhausts Specials: Honda and atterma/ket spare parts listed tor hundreds of models ^

0» CB750K0/KI '303 lype set of 4 exhausts. • Wc stock many large components: ^

^ CB750K2-K6 (72-76) 341 type set ot 4 «xhausts Cylinders. Barrels. Oankcase^ Wheels. Tanks. Exhausts. Fairing Panels, Sea's. ^

Q CB500F/550K/KI/K76-323 type set of 4 exhausts. Frames otc. O

^ • Exact Replica Exhausts: • Parts suppliers lor all Honda motorcycles: ^

Q CB750K7 405 two- sot of 4 exhausts. From the early 60's and 70's Classics to the latest models O

^ CB350 '333 typo set of 4 exhausts Wo f0CWw) hugc w^orios of ok/ and obsototo Hondfl parts throughout tho year So phono, tax, emu* or Ws>f our wohsito

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