Plenty of grease (although Mark doesn't grease the cush drive rubbers themselves, "They aren't dons at the factory so why do them now? There could well be chemicals in the grease that will degrade the rubber too."), careful torquing of all the major components, a new dent in the locking ring on the big nut (hi Bob) and that's it.

7 Grease the hub bearing and replace the seal.

8 Give the hub a light lick of grease.

9 Replace hub into the swingarm.

10 Install the brake plate and retaining circlip and refit caliper.

11 Push the axle through the hub.

12 Replace the cush drive inner and outer (a sprsy of GT85 will help lubricate).

13 nstall the axle nut and tighten to spec, fit chain and sprockets.

14 Refit wheel and torque the bolts.


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