«OOOW Wall Mounting Irfrared Quirn Heater C30V

70, Infrared ParaffiiVKcrosencTHcMtl

^TTWTT*^ fc wcfl ventilated indoor

WAIJ iVliiTm applications.

combuston goses arc catalysed. &— ---r^psa • C3ean burnirw. / S ' ~"r T'r ff" * Tank allows approx.

■ 7hrs running time, making W this unit extremely ^^^ oconomcat.

36 IID Cordless Lithium-Ion K«c»drgcjblc I nip« ct Ion Lamp

• Robust «&pectcr lamp witi ^ tajMweight LÄhiunnon ^ eatery sueatte for 0« prcfesiiCKVdi user, ^^B

• 36 super twight LH>s ideal for use In engii«^^^^^^^^ bars and ■

under Body

• Features both fold-away 360* I swvel hanging r>ook and an integral magnet for fanis free apptobons.

• Suppled with ma rts charger, mmri

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