Oil Cooler Pressure


a, ^swe recen:ly fitted an Earls oil

M>ler to my 41,000-mile 1981 bSSSUW. I put in an extra pint of oil but warning light comes on at tickover, but when the engine is revved the light goes out. I have checked the oil pressure and at 3000rpm the pressure is 3psi. I took the bike out for a run and it works fine. Any ideas why the light is coming on?

Rob Rookledge, Huddersfleld

Bt Is an interesting question.

Unufacturers often say that it CTTWTTTb/ for some engines to behave like this on a hot day when the oil Is particularly thin. However, are you saying that the light never came on before

>e cooler but now it


fj^ WÊ3nt to paint the wheels on my

188 ZX10 but as money is tight araCThoment I do not have the money for powder coating. Can yoj give me any ideas of v/hat to clean and paint wheels with to give a good Xnish? Thanks for a great magi

St&ve Cooper. Dereham

[¡ffl ■>bab/y the most durable paint that iAfli can apply yourself at home is STflWTFTThgW, which is similar to Hammerite but with a smoother glossy finish. It is available in a range of colours, and can be applied with a brush or aerosol. Any fettling to the finish (to remove brushrnarks or orange-peel areas) can be done with fine wet or dry paper and polish after a few days while the paint is still relatively soft. The downside to this is that the colour will not be original and this durable paint can be hard to remove if you subsequently want to achieve a more as new' look.

If so, have a think about how the cooler is plumbed in. Does it act as a bypass, diverting the flow of oil away from the engine and back to the sump? Does it have a thermostat, in which case does the light stay off when the oil is hot and the flow is reduced through the cooler? In this case, I would question whether there is a better way to do the plumbing. Would it be possible to blank off the cooler and then test the pressure? A low reading is normal for engines with all roller and ball bearings. That said, as the pressure is very low a small change and a slightly weak spring in the pressure sender could cause the light to come on.

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