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Conventional batteries, even with AGM, will sef-discharge in weeks because of the alloy/lead plate mix. Most manufacturers add an clloy [either calcium or antimony] to the lead to provide mechanical strength to the battery grid [antimony, used in wet cells] or slow down self-discharge/prevent gassing [calciun, used in gel/AGM]. The big problem with these alloys is that they're impurities and so the chemical reaction isn't as good [therefore less electrical charge] as if just pure lead was used. Other drawbacks include increased discharge from antimony [these batteries need to be used often or trickle charged], or buckling/rupture of the battery container caused by calcium/lead plates 'growing' because of oxidation due to long-term overcharging.


When a lead acid battery is left discharged, the lead from the plates combines with the electrolyte to make lead sulphate. Some of this will crystalise onto the plates, which then acts as an insulator or barrier, reducing the plate area in contact with the electrolyte and preventing the battery from operating normally.

The deeper the battery is discharged, the more the lead sulphate is likely to crystalise. Over time this lead sulphate crystal build-up will ma<e the battery fail. Sulphation can be easily identified as the white substance that builds up on batteries. O

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