Nuts An


9 Knowles Road, St Annes-on-Sea,

Lancashire FY8 2BG ■9ciaUst fastenings for Classic Japanese h. 'torcyc/es from the 6O's to the 9O's.

Orl^v-;' equipment M6 to M3 cross head screwsS^ used by the Japanese factories, impVced direct from Jipan. Avaibble iivv<^ht Electroplated Steel as original bvjo Stainless Steel. Nuts, Bolts, Studs. ^Sjjps, P'Pe Clips &

many other FABuloui Vtis to complete your Restoration or keep/Vir Daily Rider on the road. Please visit for our FULL price list, or pho« John on 01253 7II862, ^ Monday to Friday I Oam to 5pm. All UK orders over CIO POST FREE

Maue a Mapptf Cfiústmaa tC .Veut 'Ifem

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