Nourish Racing Engine Company

13 Manor Lane. Langham, Oakham, Leicestershire LE15 7JL, ENGLAND Telephone: (01572) 722712 or Fax: (01572) 722668

* 8 valve conversion kits for 650cc & 750cc Triumphs

* Crankshafts machined from solid billet. Triumph, Norton. BSA, Crankshaft dynamic balancing service. NRE connecting rods for

Nortons and Triumphs ★ Camshafts for 8 valve kits, N.R.E. profiles, also suitable for 2 valve Triumphs

* Complete N.R.E. engines - 8 valve twin cylinder, 500cc, 750cc, 850cc & 900cc

8ui? to order for racing, street, grass track, etc. NRE 'V' complete gearbox, or shell and jplined shaft onl^ Send £1.00 stamps & SAE for brociures & prices £2.00 Overseas - World Wide Services

For all your advertising needs in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics give Andy or David a call on 01507 524004


* Shot-blasting coating on any

* Bead-blasting motorcycle.

TrilP Powder Coating

TAe MbtorcytCo GoaUhq SpedaMs

Unlike our competition, we do not paint garden chairs or office furniture. So you can be sure we will not just rush your valuable parts throjgh with some industrial job lot. UK collection & delivery service.


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