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We'll see why all this messing about is necessary.

Keep the fluid level topped up

There are one or two points to watch here. The first is that you - if you are me, anyway - will probably end up knocking the jar over, so doing the job outside is a good idea, if possible. The main ;hing to watch though, is that if you allow the reservoir level to drop too low, air will be introduced into the system and then you will often find that it is hard to remove. This is particularly true when you have started with a freshly overhauled system which is full of air

A syringe is a

Broken sleeving is often caused by age embrittlement

The apparently random, multi-coloured spaghetti inside your headlamp shell all has a purpose. Ferret's Custom Elecktrickery delves inside.

If a bike is to run successfully and reliably the electricity has to go where it's needed and not anywhere else.

It may sound obvious but, as we know all too well, those pesky little electrons don't always flow as, where and when they were designed to. Long-time CMM supporter Ferret, of Ferret's Custom Elektrickery, is doubtless well known to many readers and his mobile wiring services have got legions of motorcyclists out of the mire over the years.

We all have our skills and specialities but electrics are something many of us tend to struggle with and this is where expert help is often needed. If you don't know what you're doing and can't tell you' ohms from your elbow then a call to § Ferret should get yotr bike beck on the <D road, not to mention preserving your 2 sanity into the barga n. We gave Ferret » a challenge, we sat him down in front of

0 a machine he'd never seen before 5 (an MZ 250 Trophy) and asked him

1 to sort out the electrics on a machine 00

in that had been stored for three decades, g Having spent a good 30 minutes i crawling all over the bike to get an idea

Broken sleeving is often caused by age embrittlement

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