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Three settings A totajy dry *»t. no condensation, no gas, no fumes and xi smei Adjusts hortioflwiy through 25° wh*c mounted Suitable *or indoor and outdoor use, if weather protected.

NMM MO. IWMH2003 Lit* Pncn £04.95

• Drawer Rollcab and Toprheit Combination with FREK Tools worth, I954.A5 plui FREE 18V Roadrtart Emergency Power Pach worth £124.95 and FRKE Waterproof Jacktt lOltr OehumidifUr

• Compact, tffioent, por.y*e unit that extracts up to 10 «res or wate per day.

• Removes access nxwture from air to prevent buk!-up Of TVckw and mot«.

• features outo-defrost \*Ktton anc ad|ustatxe air ocdet.

• Kerrgerint is enwonmectary Merely R1J4A

• May be connected to a dra-n hose for continuous operator,

42,OOCBtu/hr (12.3kWlFbced ■ autout (Proparc). F-uUy approved gas regulator. 5ta»nlcss stco body for improved corro»on re*)t»nce and more stylish appearance < Features safety so*cno«d preventing the unit from leaMno □as without faz being eledr catty Model r»o. t P40s • list pro? i

Compact and W

iohtweight unit capable Ml or running smail tools ^B and lights etc V

Ideal for rorttKdc, site or leisure use.

Powerful and rekatxe generator fitted wth maintenance free OrusfWcjo oftrmnttf —

2hp 2-Stroke engine. 12V Battery charging outlet f and 230V if»n socket L Model No. «00720 r UK Pnce «14.95 L

Oil-Filled Radiator« «30V

• 0*-flllec radiator suitable for office, home, showroon and wortehepuse.

• Manufactured to nqorous safety sfAnayds and fitted with a 13Amp BS approved

• full thermotfatic heat control fiat cuts power to the heater elements when ore-sec temperatixe ts attained.

20mtr Comporite Box Reel with Thermal Trip 110V

• 2 x 110VB* Power sockets with 20mtr I.SmmJ


• Thermal overload proteatonJ

• Tough mpoct resistant compact box

• Built-in carrying hande.

• Model CR1201S

%8W/Î30V Work »hop Floodlight

fluorcsoent tubes.

OocWe insulated. Model No. Mi.48 Ust Prtoe f S9.95


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