Masiercylinder Overhaul

■m looking to get the master-Hinder from my 1974 RD250B WWWTOoned/cverhauled this winter. Can you please advise cf anyone you know that could undertake this work? It has leaked, softening the paint, and the clear Perspex section cculd do with renewing. Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Syson, Lines

WfR Bkould have said that it would be Iftfl B/er to get a new old stocK fTOS^JV pattern replacement, but as an alternative why not have a go at overhauling it yourself? I shall be looking at just such a job in a forthcoming Workshop feature. The actual working parts are available as a pattern set from World's End Motorcycles (phone 0845 0292929) for £35 or so. This should take care of the leaking, as well as making the cylinder safe. The transparent window might be a little more tricky, but it would be possible to fashion a suitable substitute and hold it in place with a good epoxy adhesive. The question is: what is a suitable material? I know that polycarbonate is not resistant to brake fluid, so perhaps you could get a small sample of clear acrylic and test what happens when it is in contact with brake fluid for a week or so.

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