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I enjoyed the article on Mark Spencer's CX500 in the October issue, so thought I'd show you my 1982 CX500B: 47.500 miles, two year restoration job. She runs well for an old 'unr the only engine work has been to tension the oil pump chain and replace the camchain and guide blades.

I'd heard horror stories of the mechanical fan shattering and taking out the rad, plus it was always a pain to remove so I replaced it with an electric fan off a Kawa 600 Ninja controlled by a thermo switch on the radiator header. An LED on the instrument panel tells me when the fan switches on.

I'd agree with your article's comments on the front brakes - dire despite the braided hoses. Anyone out there breaking an early CB900F with the twin pot calipers? I've read that these bolt straight on.

I'm always amazed by the attention this bike receives, even from the crotch-rocket boys who can leave it standing. I hope everybody who owns one of these bikes will keep them sweet and running for years to come as I intend to.

Great mag by the way.

Richard Whitney, via email

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I've been reading through the Kawasaki Z550 project article and know how brilliant it feels when a project starts looking more like a recognisable bike rather an accumulation of parts, plus how stressful it is modifying parts to fit in places they were never intended to be.

However, I could not help but notice when the feature mentioned about needing longer rear shock absorbers (and then looking at the pictures at the


When renewing my motorcycle insurance policy 'ecently I decided to only insure my newer bike, which doesn't qualify for classic insurance. My insurer informed me that due to being previously insured on a classic policy, I had not been accruing NCD, only clain-free riding years, which obviously aren't the same thing. The insurer then told me that not all companies will accept claim-free riding as NCD but if I stayed with them, they could change it back to NCD after a year.

Please can you inform other readers who might be in a similar situation, to prevent them losing their hard-earned NCD.

Graham Irvine, via email same time) that it appears the swingarm is upside-down now. I hope Bruce noticed, but I am guessing this is a clever tactic on his behalf to check If anybody actually looks at the pictures as well as reading the words. I'm sure this was done deliberately - anyway, I wouldn't admit otherwise...

John Emerson, via email

Bruce is adamant it was deliberate...

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