The detall shows a great restoration
Single leading shoe gives decent stopping
The six-volt battery is tiny too

test bike nas ultimately given the game away with its FT1 prefix allied to the 800,000 series suffix. The Yamaha FT1 was an early 70s mini-trail bike that latterly morphed into the similarly styled GT50 and this is almost certainly the basis for the GR50.

The engine, according to Chris ard the guys, owes quite s lot to the RD60/TY50/80 sports and baby trail bikes and this would seem a logical place to start from if you were looking to produce a mini-café racer. The hubs certainly look like they've been borrowed from a trail bike and possibly the forks as well. The rims are a bit of a head scratcher- no one seems sure if they weren't simply purpose made just for the GRs. Comfortingly we can be certain the Imasen type indicators are dead ringers for those fitted to Fizzies along with machines such as the YR, YDS, CS and similar machines. Similarly the switch gear is standard Yamaha fare and looks stylistically very TY. Yamaha must have been pretty certain the GR duo would sell in sufficient numbers to justify tooling up for the bike but then again perhaps there's something in the Japanese psyche that makes such bikes attractive and thereby lucrative to manufacture? Certainly Yamaha et al very successfully produced machines such as the YSR50, Gag etc. in big numbers and they proved to be very successful. Thirty two years since the last GR rolled there's still something of a following for the little chaps and parts seem to fetch very good money. Providing the panel work is present and salvageable keeping one going would not appear to be a major headache.

These Japanese chaps are damn clever you know and they may just be onto something with small motorcycles; perhaps one day they'll take on the world . O

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