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To subscribe to CMM simply complete the form below and return to: CMM Subscriptions, Mortons Media Group Ltd, Freepost DC113, Horncastle, Lincolnshire LN9 6BR

I wish to subscribe by: O Direct Debit Q Credit Card O Cheque

Payer's details (must be completed)

Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms crJease dnu*«) In hals S im aire




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Oi oocauCT Mirkxo Mndka Group Ltd tvitf uocrM tocixiiart yew by pasV phcrie r«ga»iang r*^mat«ri teiaarr,; !n cjreri otters ol tyodud&Qi savKee (induing »scoirteö sabacrpoon o»e<s) wtxfi OH»?.« may De erf Interest to ou raedws tt you do no» wsh to t«ceve such ctf«rs pJeaso bek rvs w G

Oi occas*sn Matons MocAa Group Ltd may -»c»0ô to vrvtS&i yc«j tvpardng rscmaticr» ■etefcrg » omni cfterz ct Ct WA-J-.IT-Hifq <i&co^t*î «utoefcion wtKti we s»*<wg may be rfn»«t to out wkrt. * yoo w«h ta rnoovtt dfrrr prewijo tic* tNs be* □

On ecca&cn Mo-tore Weoia Group Lid may osmt Srd part»« that wft dswn 10 Da reputaa». lu cxrt&a you Cy post/ phone.' ntonretion refcjt.rç to cur «il offers of poajcts er sat*4«s »v^nt1» Wê belt*« nay t» ol r.tet«Bt

»- OUT 'a*tVx% ifyôli rtWMO oMbo o*w«» lick ihstwx H

Payment method

Instruction to Bank/Building Society to pay by Direct Debit:

I would like to changa-take out a subscription for £9.25 per quarter (UK/floi onv;

Account m the name of

Account number

Sert code

Name of Rank/Hu» kjng Society Address


Reese pay Mortons Meda Group Ltd direct debda from (tie account detailed in the instructions, subject to me safeguards of the Direct Debit Guarantee I irxteretand that ths instruction may remain with Morions Modla Group ard, if details v.-n l>o passed eleclronk»<v to my Bark-'Bu/diry So::« , Originator's ID number. 830390



Card number

Start date

Expiry date

3. □ CHEQUE i enclose a cheque made payable to Mortons Media Group Reference number (office use only)

Release: StoreMags & Fantamaçj


Ret Code: 1001

natonal express

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