Bought An Xr69 Replica

Bob Chambers bought an XR69 replica from Trident Engineering In May 2010. He bought the race version of the bike and has been racing it in CRMC. He was giving it the berries at the CMM track day in October.

"It's a man's bike - well the clutch is anyway! They need it. otherwise they do go through clutches. Why did I buy it? I just wanted one. A mate of mine keeps Mick Grants XR69 - I love them. They handle lovely - really good actually. They don't go quite well enough though. I know of a few blokes that are putting GSX motors in them for the extra power. I reckon mine is making 115-120 horsepower. Maybe.

It always gets in the top 10 but the best I've had is 5th. The guys up front are running RGs, TZs and the P&M Kawasakis. I bought it for racing - and as an investment. It has all the goodies - close ratio gearbox, everything. An R1 is the same money but that'll only go down in value. This has gone up. I ordered it a year before it was delivered - that's just how long it takes to get them. They're pretty popular!"

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