Honda Mr250 Elsinore

Brian Williams owns the "first, last and only two stroke enduro bike made by Honda".

"This is my 1977 Honda MR250 Elsinore, based on the CR250M but with lights, different carb and engine details. It was only ever made for one year (1976-77) and only sold to the USA and Australia. This one was imported from sunny California: I bought it via eBay in June 2009.

"It was an oily rag restoration; the tank dedented and resprayed, new bars and shocks, but other than that it is original - there's no rus: in the Californian desert and the bike had tonly done 3000 miles when I got it.

"I'm not into polishing to concours condition, so here It Is getting dirty at this year's K2 Kielder Rally in July where it finished the two-day event ahead of many far more modern enduro machines."

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