Honda Cbx750f

Ever since Martin Nicholls saw a CBX750F on a turntable in the shop window of his local dealers many moons ago, he had to have one.

"It was the bike I had always promised myself. I bought my CBX750F 10 years ago from a nice chap in Liverpool for £1575. It was in good condition but me being me wanted a brand new one so set about getting this machine looking as good as I could get it. Apart from the Goodridge braided brake hoses and the replica original MIVV silencers from Italy the bike is original and completely standard.

"The Honda CBX750 was quite advanced for 1984 with its third generation engine producing 91bhp, hydraulic valve adjusters, hydraulic clutch, automatic camchain tensioner as well as an oil cooler. Part of the frame down-tubes used to circulate the engine oil thus reducing oil sump volume and to help with engine oil-cooling (are there any other machines that have this oil in the frame system'») It also boasted front air-assisted adjustable rebound damping, fork brace and TRAC anti-dive control system. Rear suspension is the Showa pro-link with three-way adjustable rebound and is also air-assisted. Also unusual for this period was a quite accurate fuel gauge and a volt meter (lots of bikes today haven't got these). The twin 60/55W halogen headlights are awesome, even outperforming many of today's machines.

"With a top speed of an acclaimed 144mph (I've never been at this speed) the bike is no slouch either, but I need to look after mine so only now and then do I blow the cobwebs out of her. I would love to see more of these CBX750s about but they do seem to be very thin on the ground and are getting very rare, hopefully a future classic.

"I am trying my hardest to keep this one on the road and in top nick: I buy lots of spares off eBay and this year purchased another CBX750 as a donor bike, but my mates keep telling me to restore it and have two on the road. Who knows, it could be my new winter project.. if funds allow it."

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