Hard Sell

I recently enquired about viewing a bike that was listed on eBay, as I lived about 30 miles from the seller and the seller wanted a reasonable but fair price for the bike in question - like your magazine says, I do try to buy the best I can on my limited budget. The bike in question was a 80s trail bike. As I have owned a few ir the past and seen a few over the last few years for sale, sometimes they look toe good to be true and too clean and too shiny, hence why I wanted to see it in advance.

The response from the seller was: "Yes, you can come and view the bike, but only if you are really interested. Just tell me why you want it and what you are going to do with it, and after your reply I will phone to arrange a meet. Sorry, but people have messed me about in the past."

"Crikey!\I thought, "I don't want to marry his daughter, I only want to buy his bike!" So I sent my reply to the seller in the same manner and subsequently didn't get a viewing.

So the morale of my story is although there are a lot of idiots on eBay who make silly offers when you are selling, every customer should be treated as a prospective buyer at first and not tarred with the same brush.

Graham Udy, via email

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