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Over 20 years' experience in restoring British andJapanese motorcyci

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The 6th Malvern Rits N' Pieces Classic Car & Bike Autojunible

Sun 2nd Jan & Sun 27th Feb

Three Counties Showground, Malvern, WorcsWR13 6NW Adult: £5.00 Child: £2.00 (7-14)

More events Q www.classicsliows.org

The Newbury Classic Car & Bike Show & Jumble

Mon 3rd Jan & Sun 20th Mar

Newbury Racecourse. Newbury Berks RG14 7NZ Adult: £5.00 Child: £2.00 (7-14)


Hagon Wheels

Intricate, detailed and demanding: there's a real black-Brt about the carburettor, but not ■e wizards at Aliens Performance.

than 115 years later, we motorcyclists are still trying^«imaster the carb, despite a deca^pr more of flirting with fuel-injection. It's %to say that blending the carburettor in wimtne perfect operation of a classic %modern classic motorcycle is a black art. Looking at these oeautifully intricate pieces of technology and considering Aliens history going back almost 30 years, I was expecting some wizened, but oil-spotted old man to greet us at the door -a gear-driven Gandaif, perhaps. Instead Steve Panter who greets us looks way too young to be a 'Master of the Mikuni:' ►

ir movie.


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