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The recent Carole Nash Motorcycle Live show at the NEC saw the launch of a beautifully styled flat track machine from Royal Enfield, called the Fury.

Styled by Royal Enield's UK distributor Watsonian Squire and based on the fuel-injected Electra, the 499cc Fury is the first new model in 40 years to feature twin silencers. Wide bars sit on a specially made billet aluminium top yoke while the traditional nacelle, seen on all other models in the range, is replaced with a chrome headlight and digital instrument panel.

Tne Fury also has a flat track style glass fibre seat unit that incorporates a discrete rear light and chrome mini indicators.

Its original namesake was introduced in 1959 and destined exclusively for the US export market. Less than 200 were built in Royal Enfield's Redditch factory and production ceased in the early\1960s.

Due in showrooms early next year, the Fury will sell for £5500 in bla£k and at £5895 in blue and white colour, schemes.

With the show keen lo appeal to as many motorcyclists as possible this year, it included a line-up of classic bikes alongside the modern tackle. Then a 'Joy of Sixes' display featuring a \\ \\ Berelli 900 Sei, Kawasaki Z1300 arir

Honda CBX1Q00, along with a Yamaha FZRIOOO EXllkand a Dunstall Honda 750 on display».

As well as the okps, the show saw the launch of lots of nemproducts, including some nicely detailed v^ssic style leather jackets from the new F&^gan collection, and a helmet that chills ylur brain to reduce swelling in the unfortunate event of having an accident.

- Honda CBX1000

4 Seeley Honda CB750

_ Kawasaki Z1300

Yamaha ► FZRIOOO

Benelli 900 Sei

A BMW GS machines on display

< New Norton stripped bare

6 cmmo Jonuory20ll

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