Getting It Right

Useful things to know before sending your wheel away to be rebuilt: Make sure the wheelbuilder knows the diameter of the wheel, the number of spoke holes required, the correct width and whether it's flanged or flangeless. You'll also need to tell them, the make, model and year of your bike, whether it's a front or rear hub, the diameters of both sides of the hub (spoke length may well be different on either side), the width of the hub between flanges and the diameter of the nipple hole.

3 Next, the nickel brass nipples are added a^r tightened until the end of the thread just disappears. Rich uses an air gun on the end of the nipples and is finished in just over a minute, Eddie uses a screwdriver and takes a little longer, At this point the nipples are only still finger-tight and the hub can still move freely inside the rim.

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