Faulty Connection

I read with interest the Workshop Q&A section in the October issue and the question from Mr Thackwray about his 1984 VF1000R and its male/female pulse generator connections.

I had a VF400FD some years back and had a similar problem - no sparks on two of the cylinders. After a lot of elimination I tracked it down to one of the igniter units. The VFs have two igniter boxes for each pair of cylinders and if one fails you lose only two cylinders.

I confirmed this by swapping over the good Igniter unit to the other circuit and got spares. Incidentally, I replaced the dodgy unit with one from a VT250 that turned out to be the same type, so it is probable that the igniter units from the VF/VT range are all interchangeable. This therefore should increase the chances of obtaining a used example as they are expensive new if they are even still available. Hope this helps.

Frank Reilly, via email

Thanks for the advice Frank, I'm sure ATr Thackwray will appreciate it.

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