Draper Socket

This socket set was a thoughtful Christmas present six years ago (much better than socks...) and since then parts of the set have beerĀ» used at least once a week. The ratchet, attachments and sockets are easy to fit together, tough, ergonomic, and incorporate some cunning features which are ideal for making work on a motorcycle simpler. The V-jin and %in extension bars have a special design which allows some 'wobble', when combined with the standard sockets in the set - allowing access to tricky areas on the bike.

The ratchet and some of the sockets are equipped v/ith Draper's unique Vortex system where a socket can be pushed straight onto the ratchet without the need for the Viin or %in fastening attachments. It makes the socket and wrench combination very compact aiding the usefulness of the set. There are few faults; the quality of some of the bits' finish Is not perfect but a recent clean with some GT85 has hopefully protected them for the future. ANDY CATTON

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