Electrical fault finding on a motorcycle can be challenging and if you're new to it the problems can seem daunting or insurmountable. However, with some care and patience it should be possible to navigate your way through the obvious faults. With a basic multi-meter, a notepad, seme time set aside and a modicum of common sense it should be possible to at least diagnose what the prcblems are. Buoyed up on the success of some elementary fault diagnosis repairs shouldn't be too irksome but if you're all at sea give Ferret a call. Oik test bike is now fully operational in the electrical department and is undoubtedly better wired than when it left the factory. As the man says, "Do it once, do it right!

Our thanks go to Ferret for his assistance, advice and guidance in the compilation of this article; for all your classic motorcycle wiring problems call 07765 832 420. Readers may have heard that Ferret's van and his entire stock were stolen in late summer. As we go to press tre irrepressible and effervescent Ferret has bounced back and is taking bookings for spring 2011 so book now to avoid disappointment. ©

One wire has been severed and is only working because the two broken ends were in intimate physical contact; several other wires have part ally melted and hardened. All in all there's a very real need to replace this little bundle of joy and assume there's more of the same elsewhere.

As Ferret points out after we find this electrical mayhem, it's impossible to predict how long a wiring job or overhaul will take when you hit something like this. We'd actually factored in ar eight hour day to sort out the bike's electrics but we overran by a full four hours on the back of the issues discussed. Don't expect to be able to troubleshoot a bike's wiring in a couple of hours as it simply cannot be done.

Severed and partially melted - replacement is needed

Switch cleaner can fix many a problem

Tape fcund wrapped around wires or sheathing should always ring alarm Dells (Photo 10). Peeling away the old cloth insulation tape reveals a horrible sight (Photo 11) and evidence of some serious issues. With the full extent of the damage to hand (Photo 12) it's amazing our test Like hasn't gone up in smoke before now.

Tape wrapping Is always a sign of issues as this wire shows

Earthed and overheated, it needs replacing www. classicmechanics. com © emm 85 Release: StoreMags & Fantamag. Magazines for All



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As featured in the March 2009 issue of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics


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