Changin6the Fluid

It is for the reason above that it is necessary to change the fluid in the brake system regularly; every two years is the general recorrmendation though I suspect that is rarely adhered to. So, let us take a look at what Is Involved. I will cover a front brake in this instalment of The Knowledge. If you have an ABS system, there may be additional special procedures to be followed.

With luck, the nipple will not be corroded

IThe first thing is to cover up any areas near the fluid reservoir (Photo 1) as it is possible that fluid will be spilled and you should protect, in particular, the fuel tank and instruments.

2The reservoir needs to be horizontal (Photo 2).

3 Now attach a length of clear PVC pipe to the bleed nipple (Photo 3) on one caliper and place the free end in a jar with a little fluid in the bottom (Photo 4).

4If you unscrew the nipple by half a turn or so and squeeze the lever, you should see fluid start to flow along the pipe. Then, keeping the lever squeezed fully to the bar, close the nipple and then allow the lever to return to the fully extended positior.

5 Do this repeatedly, keeping an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir

_ clean new fluid will

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