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levels and must clearly be protected from themselves. Supposedly supported by further damning accident statistics, that few really believed, a new law was passed that came into effect on 1 September 1977 limiting the moped (soon to oe nicknamed sloped) to 31mph. Blessed with sluggardly performance, only just the right side of a Dairy C'est milk float, a new sub-set of learners acquired their road craft just a few inches to the right of the gutter, being cut up by pretty mtch every other road vehicle in the process. Of course in actuality within 18 months the lack of performance was really no longer a major issue as that year's fifth formers took to the streets and enjoyed their independence despite the reduced velocity.

This month's machine is a perfect example of the sc-called sloped dynasty; it's also such an accurate example of the Yamaha DT50MX that it won Best Yamaha at our very own Stafford show back in October 2010. The MX model spans almost a decade (1978-1986)

and is typical of what was on offer at the time; it also epitomises Yamaha's know-how and production.

The bike enjoyed characteristic Japanese reliability, was styled to appeal to young riders, could be easily produced In large numbers at low cost (and high relative profit) and shared many parts with other contemporary models. Perhaps most importantly the DT50MX finally gave aspirant teenagers an opportunity to break away from the sports moped image via the off-road styling. With a few notable Italian exceptions the previous genre of 50s had all been road bike orientated but with the little Yamaha here was a machine that not only implied but actually offered some o^-road capability.

Tf; world was already well aware of trail riaing and motocross (or 'scrambling' as it used to be called) and over December 1978 to January 1979 Cyril Neveu, on board a Yamaha 500 XT, won the greatest rally in the world, the Paris-Dakar; suddenly off-road was the new road racing and it would have been

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