Beefing Upthetransmission

The "rose-ratio Nova gears don't have busheij&tted, so the bushes from the standari^tears have to be removed and pressed inlktwo of the Nova gears. The close-rat»jgears ccme with their own new input s&aaft and the splines have to be stonegkiown to take off the sharp edges. The cWik, gearbox and cases are then readyT^r assembly.

Next the primary drivmllsing a normal clutch basket, unlike mine, a set of straight-cut gears must be used. The reason is that the standard helical gears act like a screw-thread and wind the crank in and out under hard acceleration and deceleration. This is bad enough with ball-bearing mains but is unusable with roller mains because there is nothing to ►

To fit the 10mm stroker crank the crankcases have :o be machined out to get the con-rods to miss. The mouths of the crankcases have to be machined to take the larger spigots ot the barrels (photo 2). The transfer passages in the Cheetah barrels a'e massive and the YPVS cases have to be machined to match the barrels. The next step is to then fit the stronger engine mounting rubbers from the Banshee quad or the engine will try to climb out of the frame with the standard YPVS mounts.

Hineson sprung clutch basket is an off-the-shelf solution

10mm more stroke and 15mm longer rods in the 611cc crank

Mechanics Works ho

Pipes by Blue Haze Engineering

Mechanics Works ho

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