Four- and five-speed manual, three-speed auto optional TOP SPEED 109mph 0-60MPH (llsec reliable, easy to fix, and stylish. The spectre of a full-scale ban of convertibles in the USA hung over the early stages of development in 1971, so out went the ragtop, leaving the engineering team to concentrate on producing the US-centric two-seater sports coupé.

And what emerged was pure mid-1970s BL thinking. The engineering was simple thanks to a healthy dose of Spen King pragmatism (front engine, rear-wheel drive, live axle), but the style was bold and innovative thanks to the efforts of Harris Mann.

The wedge look might have sat uneasily with traditionalists, but according to Mann there was good reason: "They asked us to do a replacement concept in just weeks. Lord Stokes was around at the time, and decided to put it into production with few modifications. Before I looked at the TR7,1 went

BRAKES Discs front, drums rear, servo assisted FRONT SUSPENSION

Independent, MacPherson struts, lower wishbones, anti-roll bar

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