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During this phase one of the essential parts of a build was provided by the guys at B & D Industries in the form of their locally designed and built Twister Rotisserie. If your plan includes any work on the floor, wheel arches or engine bay of a car, these are a safe and functional essential. That is unless you like lying on cold concrete floors and are double jointed!

With suspension removed it was finally down to a bare body shell. The next stop was Sydney Soda Blasting where the SSB guys removed the outer layers of skin to leave nothing but the bare metal skeleton. This is a monumental step for any builder as it can take a car that, with a bit of panel work, could be ready for a new shiny coat of paint, to a car that requires that much bodywork you may consider ditching it. This is not for the faint hearted folks. The positive is that if you make the decision to go ahead you know everything that goes into the car. Also, if you're contemplating such an extensive build as that of QIK429, then you know most of it will be replaced or re-fabricated anyway.

Soda blasting is one of the safest ways to perform the stripping process as it will remove paint, primer and filler without affecting the underlying metal panels in any way. The fact that these guys are the preferred option to work on soft aluminium panels of Aston Martins and Ferraris means that our mainly steel panels and bodies are in safe hands. Finishing the body and revealing the rust affected areas, the SSB guys then loaded up garnet to treat these areas - blasting the rust away to leave nothing but clean metal to work with.

If you don't think you have the stomach to go through such a nerve-racking experience for your already highly priced muscle car, a process that could lead to either throwing it away to start again, or tipping a truck load more cash into repairs, then there is an alternative. There's Dynacorn. This American based company are producing complete body shells of cars like the Mustang. For about $20k you could end up with a brand spanking, straight and unmolested shell landed to your garage. More from Dynacorn a bit later on.

Back to the now bare 'stang at SSB and it wasn't pretty. At some stage in its forty year history it had copped a rear-ender that had bent the rear frame rails, there was some damage to the right rear quarter and roof and as you'd expect, some areas where the tin worm had been at work. Some were not concerning as they'd be replaced, others would require attention. The original hanging panels on QIK429, damaged and deteriorated over time were diced as they were to be replaced with new repro units. In an ideal world, uncovering workable quarters and roof would be the aim but the panel replacement order for QIK429 grew in size to now include these three panels.



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As well as producing complete body shells, Dynacorn also produce accompanying panels for purchase individually and as you can see from the pics they've come to the party with a whole new skin and many other underlying parts as well. Locally, their panels and parts can be supplied by Southern Mustang and Ford Spares in New Zealand and Capital Classics in Canberra. Once again, the price of new repro panels can be a cost effective solution By the time you have sourced reasonable units, had them blasted and then put them in the hands of a panel beater for some time, it starts to add up. Panel beating is a very laborious and time consuming process that isn't cheap and it doesn't take many hours to equal the price of a new panel. >>>

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