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Self Drive 4wd Adventures

The original 1963 record was set by Eric Jackson and Ken Chambers in a Ford Cortina GT and Eric, who is now retired, said I know how difficult the trip is and I have great admiration for Mac and the team and whilst I'd like to have kept the record for a lot longer I am delighted for Mac, Steve and Chris.

Luxury Is In The Black Diamond Leak

Oriental Pearl Tower, the Chinese city's This is an important number in China the China represents the present and the future. It famous symbol. It was a further sign of the number nine - 'jiu' - is a symbol for longevity admiration of the Chinese people for the and excellence. An alliance between Ferrari

Thoroughly Modern Mito

Especially the Sport, I'm not talking bad manners, which many people confuse for attitude. I mean genuine, look-at-me-but-don't-gawk charisma. I think it's the wheel-in-each-corner design, coupled with a shape only the Italians could make sexy. It's not really pretty or handsome but somehow the oddly proportioned body just works. Interestingly, more people looked at this car with genuine interest than I've seen in a long time.

What The Jag Is Like To Live With

THE stunning performance of the 503bhp engine is matched only by the incredible sound of the exhaust system. We never tired of the XFR's pace, or its charismatic chassis and accurate steering. Few rivals deliver the awesome shove of acceleration that comes as you push your foot to the floor. A first drive home, late at night, confirmed why my colleagues were so keen. The Jag is one of the most charismatic cars of its kind on the road,

We Dip Our Fingers Into The Pool If It Was A Bath

The Jaguar's cabin is wonderfully charismatic, a world away from the precise formality of German limousines. The entire dashboard is leather-covered as standard this Xf's 'truffle'-on-ivory colour scheme resembles Ice Magic desert topping on vanilla ice cream. The giant eight-ball vents sit in an eye-catching bosom-shaped pod, the scats arc as squidgy as Iceland's moss, the roof liner a succulent suede. The perimeter of wood is a wonderful touch, although one of the burr walnut sections is jarringly off-colour in this car. We test the multidisplay TFT central screen, by inserting an inspirational DVD about a great traveller crossing an alien land Borat. While passenger A1 gets a ringside seat for Sacha Baron Cohen's antics, from the driver's seat,

Chris Toy 356 Porsche

With hindsight, the swooping lines and charismatic design style of his Volkswagen were always going to catch the eye of the world's car modifiers, in much the same way the 1932 Ford or 1941 Willys had already done. No surprise then that by the mid-1960s men of a certain mindset were tackling the Beetle with their angle grinders and welding torches. As with many a fledgling scene, various approaches were unsuccessfully inflicted on the Volkswagen until finally a blueprint emerged and the California look was born. Clearly the availability and affordability of the Beetle made it a favourite among customisers but, inevitably, the similarly swooping lines and charismatic style of the sibling 356 also caught the eye of the planet's modifying community. So began the evolution of the Outlaw Porsche

The Mini Is A Popular Tuning Subject But Few Have Ever Been Modified As Radically As This Cooper S Widebody

The classic Mini is one of Ihe most instantly recognizable shapes in automotive liistory it sold in the millions won the Monte Carlo Rally three times and is rightly regarded as a legend. What's more, the sporty versions handled like go-karts and the New Mini thankfully preserved the original's charisma while bringing everything up-to-date. So it's no wonder today's retro Mini has sold just as well as its predecessor.

Engineering Sdlutidns

T is easy just to resurrect a charismatic name that shares nothing with its predecessor, but director of operations at Chevron, Helen Bashford-Malkie, and the current team understand that indefinable something that is a Chevrcn, and have ensured it can be found in the GR8. Ask any aficionado of the marque and their favourite Chevron will almost certainly be either the B8 or B16 coup s. The GR8 is their spiritual successor. 'We started by thinking we would just make a B8 and update it a little bit explains Bashford-Malkie. That didn't work out, but you can still see the styling influences. Like the B8, the car is simple, with a spaceframe chassis, but uses considerably less, and modern-sized, tubing. 'We needed to be able to manufacture it quickly,' she says.

The Killing Of A Brand

On the trail, comments are usually denigrating. Many think the owners of such rigs are poseurs. In Hollywood, people either give us looks of admiration or yell at us for being earth-haters driving a gas-guzzler. Now where did the public get that perception It's flat-out wrong. The H2s aren't mileage-rated because they are in the same category as a -or 1-ton truck due to the same beefy components and weight, and they get similar mileage. But nobody screams at me when I drive one of those trucks. The H3 gets about the same mileage as a comparable 4x4 or even a Range Rover, and those don't get eggs thrown at them (yes, it has happened to our H2). The five-cylinder five-speed H3T pickup won the mileage category in our 2009 4x4 of the Year test. In fact, I've been testing another H3T, and I get 17-18 mpg on the open road and 15 in town or towing. That's not an earth-killer that's a damn good 4x4.

Pragmatic Solution

It's certainly enough to beat even an improved Astra, not to mention all the other contenders we didn't even consider putting in this test. Tlie Vauxhall is more likeable now - a good car by any standard but It did also occur that it would be a nice thing to have up our sleeve for when the Ford reaches these shores. While we were in France, we drove the 1.6-litre Ecoboost petrol Focusand discovered it to be substantially better balanced and more likeable than the diesel, no doubt thanks in part to having less weight in its nose. Somewhat conveniently, our favourite Giulietta is the 1.4 MultiAir, which is its direct rival. It is a comparison that we will look forward to bringingyou with more than the usual relish.

Vw Jetta

The neat thing is people who aren't into VWs can appreciate the car for what it is. They don't necessarily know the trunk wrap or Euro styling, but they can see the work on the interior and shiny stuff under the motor, Matt concluded. Perhaps that's the Zinn philosophy. This Jetta appeals not only to the purist Dubbers, but to the masses as well. Everybody can appreciate the workmanship put into the vehicle, but also the charismatic owner behind it.

Hero Le Jog 2010

The first cars arrived at John o'Groats at sunrise after a night's navigation through the Highlands and sleeping villages of Scotland. The extreme difficulties en route ensured an even greater sense of team spirit and camaraderie than ever, with a sense of pride from the crews mixed with admiration for the reliablity of their cars.

Camaro History

THE LAUNCH OF Ferrari's Fio in the company's Maranello engine plant on a chilly late January morning last year was remarkable for various reasons, not least that every speech or audio-visual presentation, whether by the company's charismatic president Luca di Montezemolo, the Scuderia's respective Spanish and Brazilian drivers or the Greek designer of Ferrari's 2010 challenger, was delivered in fluent Italian.

Toyota Prius

THE WORLD SHARPLY DREW IN ITS breath in admiration when the Prius was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997. Since then, the world's first mass-produced hybrid has gone through two iterations, its efficiency and driveablity multiplying with each one. Hollywood A-listers did their bit to popularize


Another acquaintance ran Gumball Rallies with Djordjevic and describes him this way Everyone liked him because he was charismatic, and they trusted him with their cars and their money. I can never take away the good times I had with him. But he and I had a business falling-out. We had this picture of a guy with money, a great guy to be with. But everything Alex was supposed to do with money never happened. Every-

W No Limits

It was the first 911 I'd driven that left me feeling vaguely dissatisfied and depressed, which is an odd thing to say about a car so obviously charismatic and capable. Although it was a great steer -faster, safer, greener, more comfortable and easier to live with than its predecessors - the once indomitable, immutable, fiercely single-minded streak of establishment-defying brilliance that set the 911 apart from all other cars (the engine, the steering, the size, the balance) was running out of steam,

Range Rover 44tdv8

The gearbox, and gear whine, is awful. The engine, deemed torquey in the old days, seems smoothly gutless today you have to take careful accounts of its power and torque bands to make progress. And it's very, very thirsty. But the brakes are decent, and the unassisted steering is surprisingly light and accurate on the move, provided you don't try parking. Plastic mats seem a terrible idea now but were an early sop to those at Rover who believed the new car needed a hose-it-out capability. Yet the essence of the Range Rover, its remarkable charisma, is undimmed.

Brakeout Star

Ever wonder just how many Truckin' cover models roll around with stock brakes The number is quite low, hovering somewhere in the ballpark of 0-5-percent. There are many reasons to make the upgrade to more efficient braking equipment, simple cosmetics is one but in the case of this month's cover truck, performance, as well as physical appearance, were both in high-demand.


It was the star of the Frankfurt international motor show IAA in 2009 a four-seater sports car with charismatic design, fascinating performance figures and unsurpassed efficiency, powered by BMW ActiveHybrid technology and presented under the title BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. With its wide range of completely or virtually production-ready components, this concept study met with an overwhelming response. There was a widespread desire to put the car on the road, and the realisation of this desire is moving considerably closer. At the Leipzig trade fair centre BMW is presenting a fully road-ready technology showcase vehicle based on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept study. This presentation will give media representatives their first ever opportunity to find out what it is like to drive the 2+2-seater car powered by an innovative hybrid system.

Ian Wagstaff

It was a radical idea that was to get off the ground partially due to the initial choice of experienced suppliers - Lola for the chassis and Zytek for the engine. For three seasons this paring supplied the cars for A1GP until, seduced by the charisma of the Ferrari brand, the current operators of the series decided to build their own chassis, which was to be powered by an engine based on a road-going unit from the Italian manufacturer.

Preston Lerner

Reinert is serving on a future-of-the-car panel at a high-powered green-think conference sponsored by Fortune magazine and featuring heavyweights such as President Bill Clinton and Bill Ford. Although the symposium is being held in a button-down bastion of Orange County, the ambience is totally Silicon Valley, all iPhones and Aeron chairs, with lots of clever but undercapitalized tech entrepreneurs sniffing around for angel investors. At the moment, Shai Agassi, the charismatic founder of Better Place, is making a dynamic pitch for creating vast networks of battery-charging stations to support electric vehicles that will, he claims, be cheaper than the equivalent gasoline-powered cars. While executives from Ford, BMW, and Fisker Automotive listen with polite smiles, Reinert squirms in his seat, crosses and recrosses his legs, and generally behaves like a schoolkid who can't wait for the bell to ring so he can escape for recess.

Association With

SEAN CONNERY HAS A LOT TO ANSWER FOR. It's said that half the world's population has seen a Bond film, and Connery's charisma is the reason why silver DB5s fetch such ludicrous prices today. On Her Majesty's Secret Service may be far superior to Goldftnger as a movie - and I'll fight the man who says otherwise - but few people have a burning desire to emulate George Lazenby by buying a DBS.


However, there's no doubting that the Healey 3000 is a charismatic sportscar. Its rallying pedigree and sleek styling add up to a very tempting package. The engine is an absolute delight, and if you're into body-building the handling's good. Also, its enduring popularity means that living with one would be a piece of cake.

The Power Of Charisma

The Power Of Charisma

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