millions of miles of testing and euros of development budget on offer at the major manufacturers. So rather than try and devlop his own quirky powerplant, Charles Morgan simply bought the 4.8-liter V8 from the new BMW X5 under the flimsy aluminum hood that's opened with old-style organ stops.

An X5 weighs more than twice as much as this 1100kg rocket, so the performance was always going to be explosive, especially with a full 367 hp to play with. It'll scoot to 60 mph in little over four seconds and keep going all the way to 170 mph and beyond. But it's the way it gets there, the noise, the passion and the raw emotion, that make the Aeromax a real alternative to the Porsche 911s and Ferrari 430s that have become just a little bit naff thanks to their ubiquitous presence at every golf club, footballer's car park or drive-

through McDonalds.

The side-exit exhaust sits just underneath the driver's seat and despite the rain and cold winter air we found ourselves lowering the windows just to hear that outrageous engine, freed from the confines of a giant, noise-deadening SUV, bouncing every single rev off the dry stone walls on the roads around Malvern. It may be German sourced, but as that V8 spools up it's like

"Despite the rain and cold winter air we found ourselves lowering the windows just to hear that outrageous engine."

riding the wing of a Spitfire into battle. It's an outrageous orgy of noise and violence that simply doesn't belong in a car this cute, which is all part of the appeal.

As is the near perfect ride, Morgan softened the suspension after fitting racing rose joints and giving what should be a boneshaker a near magic carpet feel. There's also none of the wild wheelspin thanks to that soft rear end; when I plant the throttle the car sits down on wide, 20-inch wheels, finds its grip and simply takes off.

The lightweight frame gives it a lithe feel in the bends and it would take a thuggish approach and real intent to push the car sideways in the corners. If you do, a limited-slip differential helps get it all

When we drop the green flag, we mean it.

1 lie Patron G13 Challenge by Yokohama is running on environmentally smarter tires: The Yokohama ENV-R1.'V These ultra high-performance race slicks sacrifice nothing in performance but use fewer petroleum products in their construction-replacing them with Orange Oil and Natural Rubber. And now these exciting Porsche GT3 racecars also compete in American Le Mans Series races that headline weekends at Miller, Lime Rock, Mid-Ohio, Road America, and Mosport. Kind of brings a whole new meaning to waving the green flag, doesn't it?

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