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No parent ever wants to be called into a conference with their child's teacher. Imagine getting the call for a conference with the teacher of your five year-old Kindergartner? The parents of David Anthony Garcia had that experience become a reality and the outcome of the meeting was both good and bad. The teacher contacted David Anthony's parents to show them the detailed drawing he drew during class. Sounds like a positive right? Well, the problem wasn't the drawing itself, it was that he had drawn it on his desk. This left the teacher in a bit of a predicament, as the drawing was so detailed and full of creativity, it couldn't have been made by the hand of an average five-year-old. Although he was in trouble, the teacher wanted David Anthony's parents to see the artistic talent that their son possessed. The Kindergarten encounter confirmed what his parents already knew, David Anthony had artistic talent.

David Anthony's introduction to the art of model building came from his father, who used to build models for David Anthony and his brother, Joseph. His dad would also buy the boys models every pay day for them to build. As his drawing talent increased, so did his penchant for intricate model building techniques. When he was thirteen, his father's friend, Bobby Ortiz, who was also a model builder himself, invited them to attend an IPMS (Inter-


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