Craig Tkach Waits For A Mysterious Challenger To See The Light Of


happy. Craig decided years ago that his profession would be to run into burning buildings and try to save lives. What better way to relax from this hazardous job than to drive around in a muscle car? Well, Craig has always been a car guy and heavily influenced by his friend Bob—a name usually preceded by the words "Super Bee." As you would guess, Bob was very much a Mopar nut and influenced Craig's purchase. This meant a Mopar was next on his list. His yearning may have also been influenced by the old, tattered Challenger that happened to be sitting on the side of the road on a farm down his street. "I used to drive to work and look over at it every time," he says. It was

Building a show-stopping car takes more than just hard work or a 1iick walet. It also takes persistence and patience—something nearly all of our feature car owners have in common. For Indiana f refighter Craig Tkach, this meant day-after-day of driving past a '72 Challenger that wasn't for sale. His persistence paid off after he was driving past the car one day and it was finally for sale. Luckily, he was the first to drive by and make an offer.

Indiana is a very relaxed state and its people are cheerful and all-around very


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