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Q Seems to me I saw an article where someone in your organization helped a traveler along the road change a flat tire (wheel), and in the picture was a battery-powered drill with the lug nut socket. Are you in fact able to loosen and tighten lug nuts with a battery-powered drill? If so, what power/size/strength drill is needed? Is this your normal field method, or do you usually have an onboard compressor or electric converter to power a hammer drill? SLIM Via email

A I have removed and installed lug nuts with my 19.2V Ingersoll Rand 10 series rechargeable Vi-inch impact gun (www. many times. It is not a drill as you mentioned. Prior to the Ingersoll I had a 28V Milwaukee impact gun ( that worked very well. With a full charge it will break loose most any properly torqued lug nut on your standard 4x4. Yes, I take it with me on the trait often just in case I need to remove a tire. I have also used onboard air compressors or a C02 tank with an pneumatic impact gun, though a breaker bar is usually lighter than everything else. It is important to always retorque the lug nuts to the appropriate setting when installing them.

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