premier power welder



premier power welder replacement alternator and control unit

Price $869.95

Power 12 V at 160 amps, variable to the job

Duty Cycle Depends on welding amount; about 3 hours before recharging vehicle battery Thickness Sheet steel to V<-inch plate

Weight Next to nothing, as alternator is a tad heavier than stock and control unit is only a few pounds Dimensions Wherever you can fit the control unit

2 Our Jeep uses a standard GM-style alternator on the 4.3L V-6, so the replacement Premier unit is similar. This was a simple swap. Many other models are available for nearly any type of rig you own.

3 Yes, we really welded an axleshaft together. The Premier can blast out a force to weld nearly anything, and can cut steel as well if it's cranked all the way up. Sheetmetal can also be welded if you have a deft touch and small-diameter rod. The Premier offers 115V DC power, which allows the use of power tools. This helps clean or grind the area around a weld for far superior penetration and control of the weld. The Premier also charges batteries at a high rate as well.Q

IWe mounted the control box behind the glovebox door on our '48 Willys, known as Pete's Jeep. This keeps the controls safe and concealed, yet easily accessible. The optional welding leads plug into the face of the unit, which also regulates the 110V DC power.


• Full-featured welder that mounts on your vehicle for any use

• High-frequency method produces quality welds for the novice

• 110V DC power available for many handtools and lights

• Can weld aluminum, stainless steel, cast steel

• Can be fitted to MIG and TIG units


• Must mount to vehicle and drive to welding site; not portable off vehicle

• Vehicle engine must be running

• Not the cheapest of the bunch

• Expensive and unique alternator

• Battery is not charged while welding, so you need to stop and recharge the battery every three hours when welding a large repair

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