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First of all, I love your magazine and am a very happy subscriber! Just a remark: In your reply to the "Safety First" letter in the Jan. '11 In Box, you state that the jackstands in the picture are rated well above what they are holding.

Well, I guess no one doubts that. The danger is not that they break, but that


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they fall over (to the sides or the front) if anyone stumbles against the truck or something falls against it or hits it. The letter writer referred to this by mentioning the small footprint the stands have.

I have seen a car fall down that was propped up by two jackstands similar to that. It was guite shocking, but fortunately no one was hurt.

It might not be very likely that something like that happens, but it is possible. andreas hoffman Via email

© You are correct, but hopefully there isn't going to be a bull in the china shop. Regardless, it is good advice for everyone to heed all safety precautions, and please don't use bricks or cinder blocks as jackstands!

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