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When wheeling just outside of Las Vegas in the mountains of Pahrump I learned a few valuable things about spotters and rollovers.

(1) If you get in a tough spot and start teetering and your spotter volunteers to help you, make sure he got his cojones out of his girlfriend's purse before going wheeling. Otherwise you run the risk of him prematurely jumping off and springing you onto your roof.

(2) If you don't get off your roof ASAP then all of your oil leaks out, guaranteeing you a roundtrip ticket to town sitting side by side with said spotter in his Jeep. Sound easy? I'd like to see you try and hold your tongue!

(3) If you did not install your own aftermarket suspension, make sure none of your hydraulic shocks have been installed upside-down. They don't work so well like that.


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Wheeling in Oklahoma was a blast.

1 usually enjoy running doorless on my '89 Jeep Cherokee, but after almost rolling I think keeping the doors on might be the safer route to go. Thanks to my brother for his help in keeping the Jeep from going over completely.

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My girlfriend thought a little snow wheeling would be fun. Too bad we hit a spot of ice on the road and our snow wheeling outing landed us in a ditch! Luckily help arrived 30 minutes later and we were back on our way.


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Rocks don't always skip over water! coli selman

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The 351ci and 39.5-inch Boggers were just not enough for this mud hole! chris capps

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This is the reason why I no longer run all-terrains'

aaron mills

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