QWill you please give me and the rest of us nonmetric guys a formula for figuring out the sizes of these metric tires without having to call the tire store every time and then being made to feel stupid by some youngster?


Santa Rosa, NM

A No kidding, Wes!

Inch measurements make sense. A 35xl2.50R15 tire is a 35-inch-tall tire with a 12.5-inch tread width, and it fits on a 15-inch wheel.

A metric tire measurement, however, is nothing but confusing. Say we have an will also see some trail use. I would like to know what lift I should put on my truck. I want to be able to clear 33s or 35s without cutting the body. Do you think a body lift, suspension lift, or no lift is best? I am on a high-schooler's budget, so it has to be affordable.


Virginia, IL

A Alex, I have just started a very similar project, my blue '79 Ford F-1501 call BluFerd (see "BDS Betters BluFerd," page 72). I was able to fit 33-inch tires on it with no suspension lift, and they seem to clear just fine. I am now adding a 4-inch BDS suspension (517.279.2135, www. bds-suspen and some 7-degree Daystar radius arm bushings (800.595.7659, so I can clear 35-inch tires.

I do believe that lower axle gears will be important. The 3.50 ring-and-pinion in my truck doesn't seem low enough off-road. Your manual transmission may have a granny First gear to help it crawl bet-

ter. Stay tuned to see the other upgrades this old-school tough truck will be getting thrown its way.

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