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1 Welding with batteries can be safe, secure, and freakishly fun. Simply hook the batteries in series with secure connections The amperage depends on your batteries, but the 24V surging through the cables is more than enough to melt metal. Good, clean dry rod of the proper size is important. We prefer 6013 rod with a Vjj-inch diameter.

Penetration depends on heat and how you hold the rod. The batteries will do the job, but practice can make the difference. We've welded pitman arms, leaf springs, frames, axle-shafts, and sheetmetal together with batteries. It really works.

3 Even cast steel can be welded with batteries. We ground out the broken edges of the transfer case shown, and welded it back together. With the proper rod and practice, you can have a cheap, portable, usable trail welder.


battery welding

Price Free if you already have two good 12V batteries Power 24V at whatever amperage the batteries are rated for Duty Cycle About an hour depending on welds

Thickness Sheet steel to vinch plate

Weight(lb) Maybe 40 for two batteries and cable?

Dimensions Whereveryoucanfit the cables and rod


• Cheapest way to weld

• Totally portable, not vehicle dependent

• Produces sound welds for an emergency

• Freaks out all your friends and enemies


• Batteries must be charged

• Be careful with conventional batteries

• Must use dry welding rod for best results

• Need to carry cables for welding

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