IThe Champion 4500 is built with a dependable Briggs 8 Stratton Intek lOhp motor, which puts out 140 amps for AC stick welding and 4,000 watts of continuous AC power for tools and accessories. The unit output enough power to consistently lay down quality beads and to weld nicely. This is a great unit for heavy-duty repairs like broken axletubes. The system is uncomplicated, dependable, and easy to start.

The Hobart stick welder is simple to operate—just a few minutes after we had it out of the box we had the generator running and the unit ready for welding. The Champion 4500 runs on unleaded pump fuel; the amperage range for welding is 60 to 140. The gas motor is a quite noisy but bearable.

In our quest to find the ultimate trail welding machine we found that there really wasn't one perfect welder for every job. A number of welders excelled in different situations and with different techniques. Our tests found that the Hobart Champion 4500 stick welder and generator make a cool system for the home and a great base camp welder and (semi)portable power unit for trail runs, adventure outings, and 4x4 events.

We consider the Champion 4500 a medium-weight unit; it weighs a hefty 190 pounds, which makes it difficult for one person to move. But with a helping hand or its wheel-mounted system (accessory) the unit is easier to lug around. The generator makes a great truck bed mounted system that's easy to use and provides plenty of power for stick welding while cranking out enough juice for power tools like grinders and drills to fix a slew of metal and mechanical problems.

3 There are four easy-to-access receptacle outlets, two 120V AC and two 240V AC. Having the ability to run power tools and lighting in the middle of nowhere is awesome and makes trail repairs easier. The system is great for running power tools or a light plasma cutter like Hobart's AirForce 250ci. We ran a number of tools like a grinder and disk sander, which didn't bog down due to a lack of electrical power.


champion 4500

Power 10 hp at 3,600 rpm;

4,000-4.500 watts continuous power

Output (amps) 60-140

Outlets Two 120V AC, two 240V AC

Fuel Unleaded pump

Starting Method Pull

Weight (lb) 190

Dimensions (in) 203A wide, 225A high, 31 Vi deep Accessories Cover, portable running gear with wheels, lifting eye for hoisting hobart



• Produces quality welds

• Dependable

• Motor runs on unleaded fuel

• Reliable and consistent 110V and 240V AC power source

• Excellent power source in remote locations

• Could be used for powering a smaller MIG or TIG welder also


• Higher skill level needed for welding thin metal

• Run out of gas and you're done welding

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