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One thing I see over and over again in magazines and forums is a blatant disregard for safety procedures in potentially dangerous metal fabricating activities. I do my best to give good advice when I see such instances on the forums, but have never taken the time to write in to a magazine until now.

You have a man welding or plasma cutting in cloth sneakers, shorts, and a sleeveless T-shirt, with no safety glasses, face protection, shaded eye protection, ear protection, or gloves. If this guy wants to burn his body until it scars, let hot sparks quench in his ear drums until his ears are infected and hearing is dam aged, sunburn his body until it's red and peeling, and burn his retinas until he can't even open his eyes, let alone see while he's working in his own garage, that is his agenda. But why would you photograph and publish something like that? People (most specifically the younger crowd) see these pictures and figure if it's in a magazine, it must be the right way to do it.

The off-road community in general is so often garage-taught (as opposed to receiving proper education), and safety is often overlooked or taught wrong. We need to do our best to teach the right ways, not the wrong ways, so that people can enjoy their hobby rather than ending up in the emergency room or worse. Maybe as a rebuttal for this publishing, you could write an article about proper safety in metal fabricating to help teach people the correct way things are done. chris knaffle Jackson, Ml

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