THINGS TO LOOK FOR: The unveiling of the 4.0L V-6 in 1990 gave Ranger loyalist something new to write home about. While the 2.9L V-6 was a great engine, the 4.0L OHV (overhead valve) was even better. As the years would progress, the 160hp 4.0L OHV would evolve into a more

is still the engine to have, but the 3.0L's excellent reputation for being reliable and long-lasting makes it OK in our book.

THINGS TO AVOID: There were guite a few engine options available for the Ranger during the early years. For our money, stay away from the four-cylinder unless you have big plans for a V-8 swap or it's the very rare turbodiesel model. Also, although we still like the 3.0L, it's best to find a 4.0L truck if you're looking for a something more than just a weekend toy.

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