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our left leg for an Dodge M37 as our first rig, and we know that every one of our friends would have died to ride in it. When Rob Bonney found this '52 M37 for $400 at age 14, he thought he found a gold mine. He drove it home on dirt roads, smiling from ear to ear, and basked in the envy of his friends.

The old Dodge M37 may not be much to look at to some, but we and other 4WOR readers see right through the dents and rust and ogle over this truck as a thing of beauty.

Rob used this beast as a daily driver for over 10 years after its purchase and built it up as the years rolled by. He honed his fabrication skills on the rig, modifying it while he worked at Renegade Fabrication and now 4-Wheeler's Supply in Phoenix. We found Rob in Moab, Utah, wheeling the Dodge like it was a small Jeep—we're still jealous!

IThe rusting hulk of Rob's M37 isn't much to look at unless your well-trained eye picks out all the trick components bolted and welded on. The truck has about 15 years of hard work put into it, but as you can tell, it was never intended to be a show-and-shine rig.

2 OK, there's no mistaking Rob for a clean freak, but that doesn't mean the TBI 350ci small-block Chevy he dropped into the engine compartment doesn't run like a top, because it does. The Chevy engine definitely helps power the heavy truck and its 42-inch Pit Bull Rockers over the toughest terrain.

3 The front of the truck was fitted with a beefy Dana 70 axle and uses 60 outers. The suspension was built around an old set of Dodge leaf springs and Rancho shocks to smooth out the ride. One of the first trick modifications Rob made to the truck was fabricating the front bumper, which has seen more than its fare share of tough trails.

4 If you look closely you will find all the comforts a hardcore trail guy needs: a steering wheel, shifters, a couple of gauges, an ignition key, a clutch, and accelerator and brake pedals. Nothing more is really needed. For comfort and safety Rob fabricated the rollcage from 2x0.120-inch DOM steel tubing and added a used yet stilt good set of Master Craft seats. O


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