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Martin Reid is a master boat builder with over three decades experience, and also the author of this step by step guide plan on how to build a boat of any kind by your lonesome. In this book, the master of boat building, Martin will show you how to; Design your own custom boat with computer software and building guides. Get started in building amazing boats of all types, in an easy step by step of hundreds of plans. Construct a boat, in an easy to follow video tutorials. The guide with crystal clear photos, every step of the way. With even no boat-building experience or skills, these plans will enable you to do so, with the easy step by step plans and clear pictures. In this book of in instructions and illustrations, you will find; Hundreds of detailed boat plans, schematics and all the patterns on how to cut wood, material lists of all types of boats there is on the waters. There is a simple to navigate and search option that provides for quick cross referencing between the plans that are highlighted in the book. Complete illustrated three-dimensional colour photos and diagrams to assist you in building or constructing and provide visual explanations. Several videos on the how-to and the boat building tips. More here...

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Brush Runabout

Brush 1911 runabout, blue in color, runs great, one cylinder, seats, top and tires in good condition, no dents, have service manual, 22,500. Merle Tilton, 303-366-7986, Watkins, CO. Brush 1911 runabout, blue in color, runs great, one cylinder, seats, top and tires in good condition, no dents, have service manual, 22,500. Merle Tilton, 303-366-7986, Watkins, CO.

Photographs Courtesy Of The Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

It seems entirely appropriate that the first gasoline-powered car to appear in Alaska, that land of pioneers, was a runabout designed and built by a young man whose only previous exposure to automobiles had been through magazine photos. Bobby Sheldon was 22 when he assembled a two-cycle marine engine, buggy wheels, wood and tin into a functioning car, intending to win the heart of a young woman who was being courted by a rival who owned a fancy horse and carriage. Sheldon's runabout, built in 1905, today is one of 72 vehicles in the collection of the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska. The brainchild of local hotelier and construction company owner Timothy Cerny, the 30,000-square-foot museum became the northernmost automobile museum in America when it opened on June 1, 2009.

Awards 20101 Topgearcom 1161

Actually, calling it a petrol station is like calling the HMS Ark Royal a dinghy. A 60m-' pyramid hoisted 20m off the ground decays slowly under the harsh sun, its pumps piled up in one corner, its restaurants and rows of shops derelict and abandoned. The two-lane road alongside it used to form the main route between Beijing and the north. When a new highway was built to the east, the services became obsolete. Not an unusual story in itself, but the strange bit is that no one has bothered to reuse any part of the structure. Don't bother tearing it down and recycling the materials, just build a new one down the road. It's a hulking metaphor for the Chinese attitude to raw materials.

Sandy Southern Sojourn

Since we missed Mardi Gras season, we visited the Mobile Carnival Museum instead. Without all the crowds, we saw the costumes, imagined the pageantry and learned the history of Mardi Gras in the first American city to commemorate this French tradition. The museum is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Because the museum has very limited RV parking (on the western streetside only), you may want to drive your dinghy.

Lincoln Compact Crossover

The Spokane River offers plenty of fly fishing, and no one provides a better experience for total novices or seasoned fishermen than Double Spey Outfitters. If the silence and tranquility of river travel appeals to you, the Spokane City Recreation Department offers guided kayak trips through the peaceful eddies and deep pools of the slow-moving Little Spokane River.

For Demanding Weather Conditions

But there are jeeps aplenty ambulance jeeps, radio jeeps, yellow airfield jeeps, glider-born jeeps draped in camouflage netting and fitted with .50-caliber machine guns (so much for the pre-event warnings about snippy French police cracking down on deactivated weapons), steel-plated attack jeeps, gull-gray U.S. Navy jeeps, and amphibious jeeps that look like fishing skiffs on wheels.

Hmn Show Coverage

Noted collector-car dealer Mark Hyman displayed his Baver Craft, a replica of an outlandish prototype produced for the USGS by Henry Baverstock. The runabout was built by Baverstock's grandson from the original plans and completed in the early 2000s. It features hand-formed copper and brass, although a quiet, modern four-stroke 9.8hp engine lies beneath the Captain Nemo engine cowling. Noted collector-car dealer Mark Hyman displayed his Baver Craft, a replica of an outlandish prototype produced for the USGS by Henry Baverstock. The runabout was built by Baverstock's grandson from the original plans and completed in the early 2000s. It features hand-formed copper and brass, although a quiet, modern four-stroke 9.8hp engine lies beneath the Captain Nemo engine cowling.

Nobody Sells More Collector Cars Than Mecum Nobody

CHRIS CRAFT 1947 19' red & white racing runabout, solid boat, no rot, 429 Ford triple carburetor, needs interior and paint, tandem axle trailer, 17,500. Chip Klinck, 603464-4622, NH. CHRIS CRAFT Hercules 4-cylinder engine, Model 1XB5M, 350 obo, call for details. 732-542-2608, NJ. CHRIS CRAFT 1947, 17' runabout, original Hercules flathead, rebuilt with Chris Craft wet manifold, runs and looks good, with trailer, spotlight and full cover, 21,900. 207-337-5540, ME. CHRIS CRAFT 1949 17' Deluxe runabout, with KBL 131 hp, all original, stored over 35 years, has to be one of the finest surviving originals. Bill, 920-823-2187, WI. CHRIS CRAFT 1964 21' Continental Super Sport, 430 Lincoln, 275 hp, stripped, refinished 2004, 18,000 obo. 309-452-9823, IL jbmiddleton CHRIS CRAFTS and all vintage mahogany runabouts have been our only business at Boyd's Boatyard for 29 years we buy, sell, survey and restore wood only, never fiberglass, never repros projects and restored, check inventory...

Wanted 1934 Dodge Brothfrs Coupe

1908 FORD MODEL S Runabout. very rare, has 1208 CO title. 2 cyl engine, dnvea good, a real fun car as any evert, wheels updated to wire 3poke. 6 volt system. a p-ece ol classic Iwstory. private collector reducing his collection. 39SOO. no solicitation calls, call Alex Id Iree at 1-877-789-5888. or emarf pvp 1Q' -MM

Photography By Hemmings Staff

As usual, Thursday dawned like the day before, with clear blue skies and temperatures in the low 80s. On this day, we visited the city of Mazatlan, which lies just a short distance up the coast from Puerto Vallarta. One of the more popular excursions was the tour of a tequila factory, which saw many Hemmings folks in attendance. Others chose instead to go kayaking, tour the nearby Sierra Madre mountains, take in a round of golf or watch the world-famous cliff divers jump 100-plus feet into the cool blue waters below. southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula. Its nickname is the marlin fishing capital of the world, making it a great vacation destination for sport fishermen. A few of the Hemmings guests went for marlin, while others took their chances parasail-ing. Glass-bottom boats filled the harbor as did small skiffs that took guests out looking for whales, of which there were many seen splashing around just off shore. Most folks spent the day walking the town and strolling along the...

Photography Courtesy Hcfi

Typical of these small manufacturers, Desberon made a variety of vehicles, including steam and gas commercial trucks, and gas-powered cars. For their first three years, starting in 1901, they made light runabouts and tonneaus, which was pretty much all anybody was making. However, they had the services of a mechanical engineer named Frank C. Stinzing, who was their superintendent and interested in engine cooling. In 1903, they showed a number of air-cooled engines developed in-house, and while they don't seem to have gone into pro

Sabat 72228

Buyers of new cars and LCVs will pay R75 g km for each g km of CO2 emitted above 120 g km. Motor manufacturers have already indicated they are unable to absorb the tax. The tax will be added into the retail price of vehicles, which means that with the addition of 14 VAT, the tax rate increases to R85.50 a g km. It is estimated the tax could add R1 500 to the price of a small runabout and R20 000 to the price of a big-engine special utility vehicle (SUV).


Rocky Ridge Products just released a new line of stainless steel roof racks designed for Jeep Wranglers. If you are looking for a way to easily transport kayaks, canoes and other bulky outdoor gear, check out how the Rocky Ridge racks feature curved stainless steel bars that give your Wrangler that finished look, without concern of rust or tarnish. Also cool is the way the system leans back to allow easy access for operation of soft top or hardtop components. Info Rocky Ridge, 440 2413638,

Wales West Rv Resort

Once we were settled at Wales West, we hopped into our dinghy to check out the area. Our first stop was the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope. Not only did it have five galleries with exhibits that change monthly, it also had Jennifer Meriam, the hospitality director who answered all our questions about where to go and what to see.


WE thought Gordon Murray's supercar days were behind him The man who designed the legendary McLaren F1 had left the British firm in 2004 to set up his own company, and was focused on developing the T25 city runabout, as well as the innovative new production system to build it.

Toyota Mr2

4 The product of an after-hours 'Saturday Club', run by Toyota's keenest engineers, the last-generation Midship Runabout was an exercise in lightweight build and mid-engined agility Championed intenally by Tcyota's big boss, Akio Toyoda the MR2's polish and dynamism took everyone by surprise when it went on sale in 2000.

Tuning Potential

The YB still has the home mechanic edge to it whereas the much newer Focus is the sort of car you take to a tuner for work. You would expect the YB to be a no brainer winner here but we feel the drive, noise and response from these engines will be entirely personal. One person will love them, the other will hate, it depends on what floats your boat. If pushed to pick we would side with the YB for its ultimate tuneability but it isa tough call to make.

Mini Of The Year

This is one of three ex-Works cars owned by Dave Gilbert, before he passed away last year, and is now in the care of his daughter Natalie. We owe much to Dave, as he was one of the first enthusiasts to recognise the importance of ex-Works cars and start preserving Minis such as GRX 310D, which only escaped being scrapped because BL's assistant competitions manager. Bill Price, had wanted a cheap runabout for his wife, and he ended up


In the early 1930s, with the prospect of war beginning to loom on the horizon, the U.S. Navy contracted Consolidated Aircraft and Douglas Aircraft Corp. to build competing prototypes for a patrol flying boat. Consolidated delivered a single prototype of its revolutionary design, the XP3Y-1, for evaluation. The aircraft had a parasol wing that used internal bracing to carry most of the load, allowing the wing to be largely free from drag-inducing wires and struts, although it did feature two small support struts under each wing. It also used retractable stabilizing floats at each wingtip. which could be retracted once aloft to double as streamlined wingtips in flight. A two-step hull design was used to get the plane up out of the water faster and make takeoffs shorter and quicker. Clean aerodynamics gave the XP3Y-1 excellent performance, allowing it to set a record nonstop distance flight of 3.443 miles on May 19. 1936. No wonder then that Consolidated was awarded the contract, and the...

Ford 19031931

FORD 1910 Model T runabout, incorrect engine, etc, runs well, 19,900. 540-896-8243, VA or online at website FORD 1911 Model T torpedo runabout to be offered at auction without reserve, July 24, 2010 please contact for more information. RM Auctions, 800-211-4371 or visit

In Mahabaleshwar

After Himalayan fish, Lonavala's chikki, zorb balls and horse rides, Alibag's crazy jet-skis, banana boats and kayaks and Rishikesh's holy white water rafting, the Jazz had marked her presence in the hydrosphere and stratosphere and now was the time for atmosphere So, Mahabaleshwar was the location and paragliding was on the cards. After about a week's Google search, homework and reconnaissance, the Jazz and I were prepared to fly somewhere over the rainbow. Here's a brief account of how we celebrated our Christmas.

Cartercar Hyman

REO 1912, the fifth 30 hp touring, complete, assembled, unrestored, not running, great project, 12,500. Don Meyer, 908-236-2376, NJ **35-YR** STANLEY 1903 stick seat runabout, total correct restoration throughout, London to Brighton eligible, 80,000. 231-386-5049, MI.

Panda I00HP

Abarth and Uno Turbo and the Lancia Delta HF Turbo - everyday runabouts with levels of performance that seemed pretty outrageous at the time, yet simultaneously practical and rewarding to drive. However, they weren't always a good secondhand buy, with an often well-deserved reputation for poor build quality and dubious reliability that would frequently lead to an early demise


Coachwork by Fran Roxas. 445 cubic inch V12 engine. 160hp. 3-speed manual. Body is aluminum with steel hood. Only 5 LeBarron Speedster runabouts were built and they were purchased by Clark Gable, Douglas Fairbanks, etc. Show condition. Call Family Classic Cars at (877) 752-9681.

Volvo 245

Track improved the handling, Tobias told us. However, this brought its own complications. He needed to extend the rear fenders, so bought and modified front flares from RP-Glasfiber in Kalix, Sweden. The front fenders are also fiberglass, while a friend who works at a shipyard made the carbon fiber hood, which weighs only 9 lb.

By Jack Smith

This was a quiet day on the water, but it is not always so. The bay is most colorful on January 1 said Birchall, operations manager of the Pestana Angra Beach Bungalows. There's a huge event called Maritime Procession, and it attracts boats of all kinds fishing boats, yachts, speedboats, fireboats, sailboats, and megayachts. There can be over a thousand of them. The boats all get decorated and follow the fireboats as they shoot water from their cannons.

Mf 85

Simple to inflate, simple to use, ' ' ' our 2-person 11' Sea Eagle 330 inflatable kayak makes kayaking simple. It packs in a small bag and goes anywhere. Paddle wild rivers, remote ponds, scenic lakes even ocean surf SE 330 weighs just 26 lbs., holds 500 lbs. and includes 2 deluxe kayak seats, 2 paddles, 2 seats, foot pump, nylon carry bag, instructions and repair kit. SAVE 50. This Summer - Our SE 330 Pro Kayak Package is normally 349. NOW THIS PACKAGE IS ONLY 2991 We are also offering FREE SHIPPING, 6 Month Money Back Trial Guarantee & 3 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects


Franklin 1926 Series 11A Sport Runabout roadster, nice car, in family over 20 years, runs & drives well, asking 55,000, with partial trade possible call for more info. 207-634-2640 eves, ME. Franklin 1926 Series 11A Sport Runabout roadster, nice car, in family over 20 years, runs & drives well, asking 55,000, with partial trade possible call for more info. 207-634-2640 eves, ME.


PACKARD 1924 1-36 8-cyl runabout roadster, original CA car delivered new by Earl C Anthony, it spent its entire life until 1990 in Santa Barbara County it has only 10,600 miles showing on the odometer it still has its original Spanish grained leather, in excellent condition, on both the front seat and the rumble seat it is a rear mounted spare model, so it looks very long the coolest thing about it is, early on this car was turned into a sleeper hot rod of sorts it has what is believed to be a dealer installed last real version of the Super Eight engine (1936) along with the matching later transmission this boosted its original 84 hp to 150 hp hard to believe but this engine fits like a glove, without any modification the car runs and drives beautifully and goes like hell it just had a major service and its gas tank was properly cleaned it has other special factory features including special order CM Hall headlights and taillight this is a one of a kind Packard, price 85,000 museum...

Dyer Consequences

Some months back, 1 ignored the advice of economists and my own better judgment and joined the ranks of boat owners. Which means that I now have a trailer. On the happy occasion of the first trip home from the dealer, 1 hook my new vessel to a two-wheel-drive Ford F-i 50 SuperCrew with a5.4-literV-8. Depending on the axle ratio, this basic F-150 can tow up to 11,300 pounds (if you buy an F-250 or other heavy-duty pickup these days, presumably you're using it to mine the oil sands of Alberta or push the space shuttle onto the launchpad). My boat weighs a fraction of the F-i 50's capacity, and the truck has electronic sway control to keep the trailer from fishtailing. So, as I head down the highway on my trip home, I'm feeling confident until my phone rings. It's the salesman. 1 forgot to tell you, he says, You'll need to stop somewhere along the way, because during the first trip, the lug nuts on the trailer will loosen up. So even with a trailer that's fifteen minutes old, I have to...


My memories of this particular model stem from endless sunny days in the early 70s, more money than I knew how to spend, a teenager's view on life and hardly a ca'e in the world. Obviously my recollections are skewed and biased I also know the bike I am restoring is less than perfect and had a few design flaws they all did. However, I also know that the bike was, and remains, a style icon of its time and even now is viewed as drop dead gcrgeous by many. Although the bike will be ridden, one of the primary reasons it's getting all this TLC is thai it flicks my switches, floats my boat, ticks all the boxes the look, the sound, the styling, the detailing all strike a harmonious chord tor me in a way that others of the genre, for no good reason I can give, don't. Simply put, it doesn't matter how special a bike might be perceived, if it doesn't do it for me I cannot commit to it.

Storage search

Last time I talked about this I had found the perfect solution. It didn't work. When things fail, sit back, have a nice cup of tea and go back to basics. It's a bit like getting stuck when off-road. Running around throwing your hands in the air gets you nowhere - in fact it usually makes the situation worse. Sit back, take stock of the situation, think it through and come up with a plan then all is generally hunky dory. So I took my own advice.

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Boating Secrets Uncovered

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