Tony Handler

The Greatest Name in Used Post-War Rolls-Royce & Bentley Parts®

• World's largest post-war Rolls-Royce & Bentley used parts provider

• Rebuilt exchange program including: accumulators, starters, generators, water pumps, fuel pumps, window motors, blower motors, power steering pumps, rams and racks ' —"^—i-z.

• Rebuilt exchange engines, transmissions and all driveline components %JWR40th YEAR'

• Body parts, clips, sections, and interiors

• Your only source for rare and new hard to find NOS parts

• All parts guaranteed

• Virtually everything available at bargain prices

• Expert technical advice

• Visa and MasterCard - se habla espanol e-mail: [email protected] PH! (310) 473-7773 / FAX: (310) 479-1197 / 2028 Cotner Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025


Wrecked, Rusted, Unrestored, Disassembled, Postwar ROLLS & BENTLEY CARS & PARTS ~ REWARD / Finder's Fee ~ Highest Prices Paid - CASH! IMMEDIATE COLLECTION

your rr recycler©

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