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CORVETTE NOS parts: 1963-1982 leather seats, bumpers, chrome, weatherstrip, heads, wheels, hubcaps, emblems, moldings, intakes, exhaust, seat belts, s/s brake calipers, no core, 40 new, will sell individually or group. 919-669-1706, NC; see complete inventory:

1956-67 CORVETTE parts: 30 year collection of NOS and used parts including hardtops, wheels, tires, hubcaps, engine parts, carbs, intakes, body parts, etc, call for your needs. Bill Mock, 918-333-0748, Bartlesville, OK; email: [email protected] **38-YR**

1957-65 CORVETTE fuel injection nozzle blocks now available, now is the time to replace defective nozzle blocks as they are potential fire hazards, limited supply. Jack Podell, 574-232-6430, IN. **37-YR**

1953-1957 CORVETTE parts for sale: selling over 1,000 original parts for 53-57 Corvettes including heads, blocks, Wonderbar radios, seat frames, seat cushions, steering wheels, gauges, clocks, shifters, air vents, heater units, e-brake arms, air vents arms, brake pedal assemblies, door catches, door star wheels, door hinges, door hinge covers, door sills, glovebox doors, seat back stainless trim, console trim, door top stainless trim, headlight trim rings, potmetal headlight buckets, grille bars, grille teeth, grille ovals, side stainless trim, emblems, gas tank filler doors, gas tank covers, windshield frames, soft top frames, soft top latches, window curtains, weatherstrip, bumpers, bum-perettes, bumper bullets, gullwings, tailllights, license plate bezels, license plate lights, throttle linkage, slip yokes, driveshafts, output shafts, radiators, hood hinges, rear E-brake cables, wiper transmissions, wiper motors, wiper drums, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, 241 heads, carburetors, expansion tanks, water pumps, water pump backing plates, distributors, downdraft tubes, hood latches and catches, splash shields, neutral safety switches, heater shut off valves, gas tanks, etc; search eBay (1954 Corvette) for specials; I buy 1953-67 Vette projects, barn cars, basket cases, drivers and parts inventories. Jay's Corvette Parts: [email protected];; 512-7998088, TX.

^CORVETTE 1954 and up windshields, $169 and^

I up; side and back glasses available, assembled door ■ glasses also available, $199 ea; we offer LOF date I coding. 800-828-2212, MN.

CORVETTE parts, lots of 55-79, most anything; steering wheel restorations; polishing, straightening of all types of moldings; steering column restoration. 715-325-3293, WI. 1953-55 CORVETTE parts: 3-bullet air cleaners, show chrome; door sill plates, polished; 55 heater shut-off valves; hubcaps; orig 241 head, rebuilt C54, D54; also matching block available; 54 heater shut-off valve, repro; 54 auto trans; orig distributor, wheel rims; heater assy, rebuilt; wheel cylinders, rebuilt; orig restored exterior side chrome; restored windshield frame; interior mirror, 53-5 orig restored choke cable, hood pull, starter relay; restored orig steering wheels; restored gauges; early & late orig restored soft top frames; seat cushions; upper door chrome, show, polished decklid trim, early & late exhaust extensions, orig; gauge housing retainer, brake pedal assy. Grossmueller's, 908-213-8832, 10 am-5:30 pm EDT Mon-Fri, NJ; or check out our website at: 1956-62 CORVETTE parts: 56-57 brake/clutch pedal assy; 56 & 57 restored radio w/power pac; 56-59 cast iron bell-housing; 60-62 aluminum bellhousing; orig; 60-61 auto trans w/torq converter; 56-62 orig rebuilt wheel & master cylinders; 56-62 carbs, 1x4 & 2x4, rebuilt; 56-7 rear horizontal bumpers, rechromed; 1958-62 restored radio; 5660, 1961-62 seat frame & cushions, restored gauges, rear bumperettes, show chrome; orig restored soft top frames; 1956-57 gauge housing retainer; 1958-62 upper & lower instrument housings, restored window reg, front & rear bumpers, windshield & door post rechromed; 61-62 rear bumper brackets, 6 pcs; 61-62 rear license plate holder; 62 NOS rocker mldg; 1962 body & rolling frame w/o engine & trans; 59-60 hardtop, needs restoring. Grossmueller's, 908-213-8832, 10 am-5:30 pm EDT Mon-Fri, NJ; or check out our website at:

1955-1982 CORVETTE glass, windshields, side glasses, back glasses, original LOF date coding available, 1956-1962 new assembled door glasses, call. Auto City Classic, 800-828-2212, MN.

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CORVETTE paint, factory pack RM lacquer, code 988, 1967 only, Corvette only, Marlboro maroon, 10 pints. 904537-4516, FL.

1967 CORVETTE seats, all original, in great condition, saddle leather, great for a nice, original car. 310-329-5334, CA.


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