Year: 1972 Selling price:

Model: Grand Prix Model J $7,300

Condition: Refurbished/#3 Average selling

Reserve: Undisclosed price: $10,000

This Grand Prix Model J carried the perennially popular long hood/ short deck theme to the extreme. It featured a 455 V-8 with 78,682 miles on the odometer, and the car had a claimed "total restoration done in 2005." Its black canvas roof cover was an unusual personal touch, as was the black-painted window trim. In the white vinyl interior, a modern CD player was mated to large speakers that had been cut into the hat shelf, and the dash's "wood" trim and brightwork showed their years. There were a few blemishes and cracks in the paint, the nose emblem was tired and the taillamp lenses showed age cracks, but all in all, this was a generally clean car that, at its selling price, was a good buy.

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