Year: 1970 Top price bid:

Model: Superbird Not recorded

Condition: Refurbished/#2- Average selling

Reserve: Undisclosed price: $105,000

The Mopar muscle car boom may be on its way out, considering that this fairly nice Superbird didn't sell, or perhaps the seller thought more of it than bidders did. Maybe it was that the car had a U-code 440 V-8 and console automatic instead of a Hemi/four-speed combination, but this checked out with a Govier decoding. This car's original seats and headliner were a bit saggy, and its factory radio and console showed its years and 89,198 recorded miles. The eye-searing Sublime Green paint exhibited a few blemishes and sanding marks, although the engine bay was clean, with just an aftermarket distributor and zip-tied wires as demerits, for purists. Proper bias-ply raised white letter tires completed the look.

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