Year: 1956 Top price bid:

Model: Caribbean hardtop $27,000/not sold Condition: Refurbished/#3 Average selling

Reserve: Undisclosed price: $29,000

This nautical-themed Caribbean hardtop was a looker in tri-tone white, orange and black, but its condition sent mixed signals. It had 52,242 miles on the odometer and a service sticker in the doorjamb indicating it had traveled just 481 miles in the past 12 years, probably not great for its mechanical health. The vinyl roof skin was lumpy, and some of the body chrome showed its age, with delamination and flaking paint. The old white enamel paint was blotchy and cracked in spots, but the original reversible fabric and leather seat cushions looked good, as did the dual carbureted V-8's engine compartment. This Packard was nicely mellowed and retained much originality, and the top bid was close, but no cigar.

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